Impress Your Guests With New Stonework in Your Yard

Get masonry services in Clemmons & Lexington, NC

Your yard should be more than just a place that looks beautiful-it should be a good spot for entertaining guests or relaxing on a nice day. But your yard needs to be functional for it to reach its full potential. Hire Jones MHS, LLC for masonry services in Clemmons, NC to make your property more functional.

We can install stunning stonework features in your yard, such as retaining walls, firepits and stone seating. Reach out to Jones MHS today for a free estimate on masonry services in Clemmons, North Carolina.

Why do you need a retaining wall?

You’ve added landscaping to bring life to your property. But your plants and flowers could be washed away in seconds if you don’t protect your garden. Rain can also cause soil erosion, which will damage your plants over time. Looking for a simple solution? Install a retaining wall in your yard today. Retaining walls work well in any outdoor space because they:

  • Slow the flow of rainwater, so your garden won’t overflow.
  • Keep soil in place and prevent erosion.
  • Create additional seating in your yard.

Talk to Jones MHS about adding a retaining wall to your yard in Clemmons, NC today. We offer a range of masonry services, and we’ll make sure your retaining wall looks great.